English Editing and Proofreading Certificates

What is an editing certificate?

Our editing certificate confirms that your manuscript, paper, or other scientific material (book, review, thesis, dissertation, etc.) was proofread and edited by one or more of the expert PhD English editors at Falcon Scientific Editing. After we edit your document, upon your request, we will issue you an editing certificate for FREE.

Your editing certificate will contain a unique editing certificate number. You can submit your certificate to your journal editor as proof that the English grammar, punctuation, spelling, phrasing, style, and technical language in your manuscript were evaluated and corrected by our high-quality PhD editors.

Journal editors have the option to contact us to request a copy of the edited document that we submitted to you. Any additions that you make to the manuscript after our editing are not covered by our editing certificate guarantee.

Falcon Scientific Editing is a trusted name in scientific and academic editing and proofreading of manuscripts, papers, dissertations, books, grant proposals, and other scientific materials, and we guarantee the quality of our work!

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Why do I need an editing certificate?

Some journal editors and book editors require an editing certificate from ESL (English as a second language) authors. Although this seems unfair, we recognize and aim to address this requirement. Many of our customers request editing certificates. Thus, Falcon Scientific Editing now provides an editing certificate with all orders for FREE as proof that the document was edited and all grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and phrasing issues were identified and corrected.

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Will an editing certificate help me get published?

We cannot guarantee that, but it may help. As an ESL author, you could receive poor reviews or article rejection by a journal if your English language is not perfect. Even native English writers may have their papers rejected due to grammar issues. Our editing certificate will provide proof to the journal editor that the language in your paper was perfected. Thus, the editor will focus on the scientific content of your paper rather than trying to find English language mistakes in your article. This allows the editor to focus on the content rather than the grammar when deciding if the paper should be sent out for peer-review. Thus, our editing certificate could facilitate the transition of your paper from the journal editors to peer-reviewers.

To benefit from our editing certificate, always submit it with your article to your target journal. Journal editors know that the Falcon Scientific Editing certificate is a guarantee of the high-quality English language in your paper.

Do you provide editing certificates for abstract and/or title editing?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide editing certificates to authors that only submit their abstracts/titles for editing because we cannot guarantee the English quality of the entire manuscript.

Where can I download my certificate after you edit my paper?

After we finish editing and proofreading your scientific paper or other materials, contact us and request your certificate. We will create a unique certificate for you and attach it to your order. Then, you can download your editing certificate from your account on our website.

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What does your editing certificate look like?

Below is an example of our editing certificate. Your editing certificate will include the title of your paper (or report, thesis, book, etc.), the list of authors, certificate issue date, and a unique certificate number.

Free English Editing Certificate with Editing Order

So, what are you waiting for?

Let us perfect your English with our English Editing Service!

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