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Scientific papers that contain vivid illustrations attract significantly more attention and are more understandable and comfortable to read compared with pages of plain text.

We will create unique and interesting illustrations, explanatory graphs and tables that meet the theme of the work and the guidelines of your target journal.

When you order the illustration service from us, you gain:

  • The “revitalization” of your manuscript, which allows to convey the accurate meaning of your research to the readers and captures their interest.

  • The opportunity to highlight the most important parts of your manuscript.

  • A higher possibility of your manuscript to be published. When choosing a manuscript, the editor will choose to publish the manuscript that is interesting and vivid.

  • A finished electronic document with the high-resolution originals for your future use.

Manuscripts Illustration

You can order the following illustration services:

  • Formatting of the provided figures.

  • Adaptation of figures, tables and graphs to the requirements of your target journal.

  • Creation of original illustrations from your sketches or written descriptions.

Specifics of the illustrating service:

  • Formatting of tables and graphs is based on the target journal requirements to the style, format, font, size and resolution of figures.

  • To format the manuscript graphs, you will need to provide the original data files.

  • To format the existing figures, you need to provide us a file that indicates approximate locations of the desired visual elements.

  • When formatting microscopic images, we do not crop the images or adjust their contrast and brightness because of ethical considerations.

Prices and turnaround times for the service of formatting of scientific manuscripts:



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Formatting of tables and graphs (one figure with an unlimited number of tables and graphs in it)

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Creating an original illustration

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