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  • Are you planning to publish your scientific work in an English language journal?
  • Do you lack the knowledge of English at the appropriate level?
  • Do you want scientists in other countries to discover your research, and do you want your scientific work to become available to the international scientific community?
  • Are you tired of publishing in low impact journals?

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We offer professional proofreading and editing services for all types of scientific materials, including journal articles and papers targeted for publication in impactful and relevant English language journals.

Unfortunately, many talented scientists and researchers publish in low impact and unpopular domestic journals that do not reach the wider international scientific community.

Make sure your work doesn't get ignored. Publish in top internationally respected journals with our proofreading or editing help!  


Our scientific editing service includes the following:

  • eliminating errors in spelling, grammar, phrasing, diction and syntax;
  • proofreading, copy editing, and style improvements;
  • useful comments for improving clarity and inconsistencies;
  • adaptation of technical scientific terms to English language;
  • FREE editing certificate (upon request)


Who edits your texts:

Our Professional Editors hold advanced Ph.D. degrees from top US and UK Universities in a field-specific science field that is matched to your specific text, and they are either extremely proficient in the English language or are native speakers. Our editors have previous editing experience and are also trained by our Managing Editors.

Every edited work is  reviewed by a Quality Assurance Editor who also has a Ph.D., years of editing experience, and is a native English speaker!

Thus, every manuscript that we edit is carefully reviewed by two Ph.D. editors with expertise in your field of study![[NLS]]

Our proofreading and editing services offers many advantages:

  • Increased chances of your work being recognized by the international scientific community;
  • Guarantee of the grammatical correctness of your scientific work;
  • Higher probability of your manuscript being accepted for publication in an English language journal;
  • Confidentiality and protection of your intellectual property and data (all our editors sign a nondisclosure agreement); and
  • Complete support and answers to any of your questions regarding our editing until your manuscript is published.
  • We can also provide journal recommendations upon request or submit to the journal on your behalf (additional charge).

Scientific texts and materials that we edit:

  • academic manuscripts/papers, communications and review articles;
  • grant proposals for funding agencies;
  • cover letters and letters to editors
  • theses and dissertations;
  • correspondence with your foreign colleagues;
  • government and business reports;
  • responses to reviewers;
  • books and book chapters (scientific or non-scientific);
  • scientific presentations (posters or talks);
  • article proofs;
  • essays for entrance to college, graduate or medical schools and much more.

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Prices and turnaround times for our copy editing service:


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Express (2 days)



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