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Editing, Proofreading, Technical Translation | Falcon Editing Falcon Scientific Editing specializes in the comprehensive preparation of scientific manuscripts that are targeted for publication in English language journals. We provide copy editing, proofreading, technical translation from Russian to English, formatting, and illustration services for scientific manuscripts for research publication in peer reviewed journals, dissertations, theses, grant proposals, conference presentations and posters, and professional school application essays and other scientific materials. All translations are performed by certified translators, and all of our professional scientific editors hold advanced Ph.D. degrees and are either natively proficient in English or are native speakers!

Our mission and goals

Our mission is to strengthen the reputations of scholars from different countries by helping you publish your research in English journals.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive package of high-quality services:

  • Scientific copy editing or proofreading of manuscripts for peer reviewed journals, which includes the correction of style, grammatical errors, proper use of technical terms, and much more.
  • Technical translation from Russian to English, which guarantees English accuracy and complete compliance with scientific terminology in your field of study.
  • Formatting, which adapts your manuscript to the standards of your target journal.
  • Illustration, which increases the readability and visual appeal of your scientific paper.

Your benefits when working with us:

  • Elimination of the written language barrier. Everyone should do what one does best. Do not spend your precious time thinking about how to translate or edit your manuscript! We will do it for you quickly and professionally. Thus, you can dedicate your time to scientific activities –research, analyzing results and obtaining grants!
  • Higher probability of publishing your manuscripts in prominent English journals.
  • Recognition by the international scientific community. Most of the important scientific discoveries are published in English. Therefore, every scientist strives to submit manuscripts to high citation index English journals.

The Falcon Scientific Editing team will help you overcome the language barrier so that the reviewers and readers can easily comprehend your manuscript.

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International researchers that aim to publish in English-language journals often require the services of a scientific editing company, and we want to be the company you choose to work with!

So, how can you tell if our service is secure, honorable, legitimate, and produces high-quality results? Here are some specific questions you may have about our company and services and our answers.

1) Does the company have a non-disclosure or privacy policy?

All information you provide to Falcon Scientific Editing is 100% secure! Every member of our team (editors, translators, illustrators, managers) signs a non-disclosure agreement! We are currently developing our website’s privacy policy, and you are welcome to view our Terms of Service .

Editing, Proofreading, Technical Translation | Falcon Editing

2) What is the cost, timeframe, quality, security, and convenience of your services?

Price should not be the only measure of quality. However, we aim to provide a fair market price for our services. If you are a professor from a university with a low budget or a student needing proofreading, copy editing or translation help, please contact us directly to negotiate a fair price for our services. We want to help all researchers who need English-language services!


Price – At Falcon Scientific Editing, our prices are based upon industry standard averages. Please check our website for our prices and current promotions .

Timeframe – We have a fast turnaround for all of our services (2-7 days for English copy editing), and in many cases, we return edited manuscripts to our customers at least a days before the deadline. If you want a guarantee of fast service, please order our Express Service.

Quality – We have very high standards regarding our English editing quality, which includes attention to field-specific terminology, grammar, spelling, punctuation, phrasing, and diction. We also provide useful comments for authors as needed while editing.

Security – The Falcon Scientific Editing website was built with security in mind, so you can be confident when you submit your scientific materials to us, pay us, and provide your personal information when you sign up for a free account and login.

Convenience – When we provide English copy editing services, we track all of our changes in your MS Word file. Thus, it is easy for you to make the final decision on each correction!

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We also aim to have the Best Customer Service in the industry!

Editing, Proofreading, Technical Translation | Falcon Editing

Whether you message us requesting a quote, have a question about your order, or even have questions after your order is complete, we will always respond promptly and do our best to answer your questions!

3) Does the company offer more than just editing?

YES! Falcon Scientific Editing also offers several other services, including translation , formatting , and illustration services for all types of scientific materials, including peer reviewed articles, research papers, dissertations, theses, letters to editors (cover letters), grant proposals, posters, presentations, scientific book chapters, supplementary materials (supporting information), essays for graduate school admissions, figures, tables, table of content images, personal statements, etc. Specifically, regarding translation services, we provide very high quality translations from Russian to English.

Anything that you need proofread, edited, translated, formatted, or illustrated, even if it is not of a scientific or scholarly nature, can be handled by our experienced editors, translators, and illustrators!

Of note, we typically provide full copy editing services. However, if you are a native speaker who requires only simple proofreading, we may be able to provide you with a discount on our normal copy editing services (determined upon reviewing your document). Please contact us for more details. Our website will discuss this service in more detail in the future as well, so check back for updates.

4) Does the company offer sample editing or provide samples?

We provide samples of our editing and translation work on our website for you to review. We do not currently offer sample editing; however, we will edit your abstract for FREE with a full editing order. We aim for 100% transparency in the quality of work.

5) How is the company accountable?

Falcon Scientific Editing takes responsibility for our work. We guarantee that a paper edited by us will not be rejected because of poor English language. If it is, we will re-edit your manuscript for FREE! View our guarantees .

6) Does the company have a secure log-in system and what are the payment methods?

Falcon Scientific Editing has a secure website submission system where customers can log-in to submit documents for a quote, create an order, and securely pay for services using several convenient payment methods, such as direct bank transfer, credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal , Yandex.Money , WebMoney , or QIWI so that scientists all of the world can order our services. You can also then check your order status, send private questions and messages to our editors, download completed orders, and leave reviews of our service.

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7) Does the company have field-specific Ph.D. editors and offer scientific or academic editing?

Falcon Scientific Editing takes pride in the fact that our editing team only consists of Ph.D. scientists that are English experts! We have both in-house expert editors as well as have contracts with Ph.D. editors all over the world who have different expertise. We believe this is vital to producing quality results for our customers. Your manuscript/paper will be matched with a Ph.D. editor in your field so that the field-specific terminology is appropriately edited. You can be assured that our worldwide team of editors only consists of Ph.D. scientists that have native proficiency in English or are native English speakers.

8) Does the company have reviews or testimonials on its website?

Falcon Scientific Editing is a new company that was started in 2015. For this reason, we are currently gathering reviews, and some are posted on our website . We have a growing list of outstanding reviews from scientists and researchers.

We have provided services for scientists from 90+ countries, including China, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the U.S.A., India, and Canada, as of early 2023. Editing, Proofreading, Technical Translation | Falcon Editing

The quality of our work has also been recently reviewed by several journals, and we are happy to be included on their websites in their lists of language-editing services and provide discounts to their journal authors. Many of these have been announced on our social media accounts and in our news section of our website.

Our Ph.D. editors and translators are the best in the industry, and will work with you to polish your manuscript. Contact us today for a FREE quote!

Editing, Proofreading, Technical Translation | Falcon Editing

We hope this list of questions helps you make an informed decision when choosing to work with us for your English-language editing or translation needs.

At Falcon Scientific Editing, we are ready to work with you!

Submit your manuscript on our secure website today for a quote!

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