The Falcon Scientific Editing team is eager to show our customers the exceptional quality of our work. We do not want to use empty words to try to convince you. We want to show you. Paraphrasing a saying, we believe that “Our samples are worth a thousand words”. We invite you to evaluate our work and make your own judgement of its quality.


There is no greater reward for us than to know that the papers that we edit are not overlooked by journal editors because of language issues. Please see the before and after views of our samples to better understand the impact of our editing services. The samples vividly demonstrate just how significant the changes can be. We put a lot of care into making sure that every sentence sounds just right and conveys the originally intended meaning. We do not plagiarize. We do not change meaning. We make the sentences sound as if a native English speaker wrote them. We include helpful comments and suggestions regarding the language, inconsistencies, and technical terms. We edit sentence-by- sentence and remove any linguistic problems that would raise red flags for the journal editors and the reviewers.}


With translation, the challenge is even more significant. However, our experienced translators perform a stellar job. To make the translation even better, our Ph.D. editors always edit the papers after translation. Thus, the final product is a beautifully translated work that retains its original meaning. No journal editor or reviewer would ever make a comment about the language problems. To show our ability to translate text from various fields, we include before and after samples of the papers from the sciences, the humanities and business.


Formatting references and manuscripts is a tedious task. However, if the paper is ever to be published, the formatting issues cannot be overlooked. Please evaluate our formatting samples. We efficiently create a cohesive structure out of disordered text to meet journal requirements.}


Illustration samples are always a pleasure to look at. It is exhilarating to see a bland illustration or a concept drawing that is transformed into a publication-worthy figure. Our professional illustrators work side by side with our Ph.D. editors to produce beautiful and scientifically accurate figures. You can send us your drawing on a napkin if you like. If something is unclear in the original concept art, we will contact you for clarifications. We will go back and forth with you as many times as necessary until we produce a high-quality and publication-worthy image that meets your standards.}

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