We Guarantee Our Work and Provide Rigorous Quality Control

Falcon Scientific Editing is a trusted name in scientific editing and manuscript preparation. We are humbled by the trust that scientists from all over the globe place in us. We believe that our three pillars of guarantees (security, responsibility, and convenience) support long-lasting relationships that we create with scientists.

We understand how precious your work is because we are researchers ourselves. We know that you spent a significant amount of time gathering data, writing and rewriting your manuscript, grant, thesis, or other scientific materials. Thus, we are honored that you choose to trust Falcon Scientific Editing to edit, translate, format and illustrate your work.

Falcon Scientific Editing Guarantees


Our website is designed with all of the latest security features. Your account is password protected. If you forget your password, we will send out a password reset link to your email address, not the password itself. Nobody but you can login to your account. Thus, your scientific materials and professional information are always safe.

In addition, our editors sign non-disclosure agreements and are bound by law to keep your manuscript, data, grant proposal, thesis, or patent materials secure. Once you upload your manuscript, the flow of information is strictly controlled. Only the editor assigned to edit your work and the Quality Assurance Editor can view your files – no one else.


There is no better feeling for a researcher than to submit a manuscript to a journal. This step represents that you are ready to share your work with the world. However, if the manuscript is rejected by the journal editor or by the reviewers because of English quality, the manuscript will not be published, and the work will remain unknown.

Therefore, when you trust us to edit your manuscript, we guarantee that your work will not be rejected because of poor English quality. You will not have to read unpleasant comments about your English skills from the journal editor or from the reviewers. However, if your manuscript is still rejected after our editing, and the sole reason given is poor language quality, we will re-edit your work for FREE! No questions asked. We extend this guarantee to all of our services. On request, we can provide an editing certificate to you.


Time is a precious commodity, and for scientists, there is a lot to juggle. Scientists have little time for writing manuscripts/papers, abstracts for conferences, grant proposals, theses, presentations, and book chapters.

Thus, we will make it easy for you to work with the documents you receive from us. All corrections are tracked (typically in MS Word via the Track Changes function). You can quickly evaluate our changes and make a decision on whether to accept or reject them. In addition, we provide respectful comments with helpful suggestions and alternatives to improve your technical language or grammar. You can always ask questions regarding a specific order within your account on our website or by emailing us.

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