International Research Funding Opportunities: Top 5 Websites Obtaining a scholarship position or grant in a top university or research institute is indeed very competitive and requires a strong application that must be submitted to the potential supervisor or professor at the appropriate time. Positions are typically offered directly by principal investigators (PIs) or by different funding agencies. Moreover, many grant opportunities are available every year for international students through various prestigious funding agencies in different countries. These opportunities allow students and postdocs to perform research, which also provides collaboration, development of research skills, and mentoring by experts in your field.

To apply for some grants, the applicant isrequired to choose a host supervisor from the university or agency of interest and submit a novel research proposal jointly with the host supervisor. The grant application is typically evaluated by a board of subject experts, and after screening and evaluation via various stages, if selected, the project will be approved for funding.

It can be a challenging task to find appropriate websites that can provide all the funding details and opportunities. Several websites regularly advertise and update opportunities that are available all across the world in addition to individual university advertisements. The list provided below can serve as a useful resource to any young scientist (student, postdoc, etc.) who is interested in fellowship or grant opportunities.

1 . EURAXESS Researchers in Motion

This site provides useful fellowship links and information for researchers who want to study either in Europe or outside Europe (Japan, China, India, Brazil, etc.). For example, one of the most prestigious and competitive funding opportunities listed here is in Europe, and it is the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship for pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, and experienced researchers of all nationalities who are eligible. These fellowships are open only at a specific time each year and involve the submission of project proposals in collaboration with a host professor.

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2 . The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS )

This is one of the most prestigious funding agencies for developing countries. The website provides details on their fellowships and research grants. Some of their fellowships provide international opportunities for doctoral and postdoctoral research for a period of 6 months to 3 years. If you already hold a PhD and want to be a visiting researcher or professor at another institution, they also provide ample opportunities via their visiting scientist fellowships. The TWAS headquarters is located in Trieste , Italy, and it has five regional offices in China, Brazil, South Africa, Egypt, and India. The website regularly updates the fellowship openings every year.

3. NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

In the United States, one of the main funding agencies is the National Science Foundation (NSF). Master and doctoral students from accredited U.S. institutes can apply for their very competitive fellowships, and the focus is primarily on science, engineering, technology, and mathematics disciplines.

4. Science Careers at AAAS

This job board provide more than just jobs for scientists. It also regularly updates and advertises available positions (PhD studentships, postdoctoral fellowships, and research scientist positions) at the major universities and companies in the world. Additionally, it provides a detailed list of the available graduate programs for aspiring PhD students.

5 .

This website is also not just another job board. It specifically provides a list of funding opportunities available at UK universities for PhD students (studentships). Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply online through their website. As a bonus, they have useful articles, such as one on PhD Opportunities and Funding in Sweden .

Individual researchers should carefully apply to the position that is most closely related to his/her previous research experience and contact the appropriate PI or agency regarding the vacancy or opportunity. To improve your chances that your research proposal will be approved, it is typically required or at least advised to prepare a proposal that is interdisciplinary and innovative.

Although very competitive because they involve open competition with other fields of science and the humanities, fellowships are great opportunities because they allow some freedom and authority regarding laboratory resources/supplies for a research student or postdoc.

The funding opportunities detailed in the websites provided above typically offer good fellowships that cover travel to conferences, health insurance, and sometimes family benefits.

We hope this information helps you in your quest to fund your research!

About the Author:

International Research Funding Opportunities: Top 5 Websites Abdul Rouf is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Florida in the U.S. Previously, he also worked in Brazil and Turkey as a Postdoctoral Research Associate. In 2013, he completed his Ph.D. from the CSIR-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine in Jammu, India. His expertise is organic chemistry, and his current interests include the chemical synthesis of pheromones and hormones. Additionally, he is actively involved in writing, editing, and reviewing research articles for different journals, such as the International Journal of Chemistry. His publication list is available on Google Scholar .

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